High quality residential real estate assets for investors

Residential turnkey investment properties in the most strategic locations across the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area.

We share your vision

20/20 Real Estate is the marketing platform for developers of distressed properties and are driven by real estate professionals who share a vision: creating passive income streams and generating wealth through real estate investing and turnkey rental properties. Whether you are seeking your first real estate investment property, are a high net worth individual seeking to establish an income-producing portfolio, or a fund seeking strategic partners to deploy capital into assets and realize target ROI, 20/20 Real Estate have the solutions.

Our expertise

The U.S. real estate market is back! Our focus is on the American sub-market in NE Ohio, where Cleveland and Akron investment properties are available at a fraction of their previous peak values. Turnkey investment properties like these can produce cap rates typically between 8-13%.

Our specialty is the delivery of fully refurbished, code compliant, tenanted and managed suburban homes across the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan area. Property renovations are typically undertaken with the reduction of short to mid-term maintenance liabilities in mind and no major capital expenditures for 10+ years. Turnkey investment properties offered are typically single family homes located in the most strategic locations for investment purposes.

We supply residential turnkey investment properties in the most popular suburbs of the Cleveland Metropolitan Area.

In the company of great professionals

20/20 Real Estate's turnkey investment property suppliers operate a proprietary and comprehensive operations platform, which includes a vast network of established acquisitions, construction, and property management professionals. Our mission at 20/20 Real Estate is to provide exposure for stable, quality turnkey properties to place both investors and home-buyers alike in the best position possible to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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