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The experts at 20/20 Real Estate know a great community is the foundation for a great home.  Here are four Northeast Ohio communities that not only have solid investment properties but also provide communities filled with entertainment, culture, jobs and more.

Our Featured Communities: 


Cleveland Heights, Ohio – A City Centered Around The Arts

Cleveland Heights Real EstateCleveland Heights, Ohio (located on Cleveland’s East Side) stands out as a community looking to enhance the lives of their residents.

According to, the median cost of a home in Cleveland Heights is $103, 900. This places them on the low end of our “Class A” demographic level assessment.

Known for its artistic and cultural flare, the City of Cleveland Heights literally wraps around Cain Park which offers numerous concerts and theatrical events throughout the summer months at two park venues – Evans Amphitheater and Alma Theater. Both settings provide under-cover seating while Evans Amphitheater, the larger of the two, provides open-air seating as well.Cain Park Cleveland Heights

The original vision for Cain Park’s theater program came from Dr. Dina Rees Evans and Mayor Frank Cain in the mid-nineteen thirties, and happened somewhat by accident…while working on an outdoor presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Doc” Evans, as she was called, was granted permission to stage the event at the base of a sledding hill between Taylor and Superior Roads. In a hurry to identify the location of the performance for others, “Doc” called it “Cain Park” after then Mayor Cain, who did not object to the idea.

In addition, Cain Park also offers 22 acres of running and cycling paths, basketball and tennis courts, a skate park, a playground, picnic tables and covered pavilions.

You can read all about the history of Cain Park.


Bedford Heights, Ohio The Best Location For Relocation

bedford heights ohio Bedford Heights, Ohio (located on Cleveland’s East Side) is on a mission to recruit strong families and businesses to their community. This focus is so woven into the DNA of the city that their motto reads – City of Bedford Heights, “Best Location for Relocation.”

According to, the median cost of a home in Bedford Heights is $102, 100.

This places them on the low end of our “Class A” demographic level assessment.

While the City of Bedford Heights attracts many residents from diverse backgrounds with tremendous talent, you may be surprised to learn those individuals of “celebrity” fame whom have called this East Side Cleveland city home.

The Bedford Heights’ municipal website provides a list of these famous people and what their contributions have been to our society.

In Music: Musician Charles “Cow Cow Davenport (1956-1984) is buried in Evergreen Cemetery on Northfield Road. He is thought to have contributed to the Boogie-Woogie Movement and is best known for his song, “Cow Cow Blues.”

In Science: U.S. Astronaut Dr. Mary Ellen Weber graduated from Bedford High School in 1980. She has logged 450 plus hours in space.

In Communications: TV News Anchorman Dale Solly grew up on Holly Road. He was a major network anchorman and also covered numerous Homeland Security assignments.

In Hollywood: Movie Actress Halle Berry graduated from Bedford High School in 1984. She is an Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe Awards winner and has many other accomplishments to her name.


Maple Heights, Ohio Setting the Bar High In Education

Maple Heights, Ohio (located on Cleveland’s East Side) is committed to improving inner-city education for their students. This is reflected in the quality of teachers they hire.

According to, the median cost of a home in Maple Heights is $51,600.

This places them on the low end of our “Class B” demographic level assessment.

Meet Maria Rodgers – a math teacher at Milkovish Middle School in Maple Heights and Ohio’s sole recipient of the 2017-18 Milken Award.

For those unfamiliar, the Milken Educator Awards is what Teacher magazine describes, “The Oscars of Teaching!”

Maple Heights High School

‘”Maria Rodgers has so much of what makes an effective, highly valuable teacher: inventiveness, a talent for making learning fun, the professional range to teach many kinds of students, and leadership skills that promote high performance and community engagement in her school and district,”‘ Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction, Paolo DeMaria, shared during the all-school assembly award presentation. ‘”Maria is a great example of what can happen when we give teachers the opportunities and conditions they need to succeed.”‘

Maple Heights and Milkovish Middle School are fortunate to have teachers like Maria Rodgers who care about making a difference in the lives of young people within their community. Hopefully their example will inspire others to reach out and do the same.

You can read more about Maria Rodger’s story


Warrensville Heights, Ohio Business BOOM Benefits Local Residents

Warrensville Heights, Ohio (located on Cleveland’s East Side) is putting the “B” in business with a BOOM of new companies to their city.

According to, the median cost of a home in Warrensville Heights is $65,000.Warrensville Heights

This places them on the low end of our “Class B” demographic level assessment.

As Warrensville Heights Mayor, Bradley Sellers, shared on the “State of the City Business Update and Celebration” event kickoff video last November, there is corporate money coming to Warrensville Heights!

Mayor Sellers went on to explain that with businesses the likes of: Heinen’s Grocery Store, Carvana, W.F. Hann & Sons, WindowNation, Furguson and Studio 33 all coming to the city, there is little doubt that the future of Warrensville Height’s economy looks bright.

This should come as welcomed news for the residents of Warrensville Heights who will be the beneficiaries of this new growth. Not only will this economic business expansion lead to more tax revenue for the city but also new job opportunities for those living in the area.

Such an increase in city revenue will further enhance the lives of Warrensville Heights residents by enabling the city to improve services as well as local roads and infrastructure. Such improvements may also serve to further attract new businesses to Warrensville Heights and fuel future growth and development of the city.

To watch the entire video and hear all of what Mayor, Bradley Sellers, along with others, had to say please go

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